Family FAQ and Price Guide

Yay! You’ve made it this far, life is crazy busy and time waits for no-one, let’s get these moments captured for you.

frequently asked questions

I’ve put together some notes below in case you had any questions on this stuff but if there’s anything else you need or would like to chat about, get in touch, I’m more than happy to help. So…

Where do we do it?

We can shoot at any location around Perth that feels right for you. It could be at your own home or elsewhere. I love shooting at locations you ordinarily go to as the photos always feel more relaxed and have more meaning in the years to come. I always scout the location prior to the session to make sure I can do the best for you on the day. If you’d like me to travel further, ask me to quote the additional cost. And if you would like ideas, I know lots of great spots!

Spot is our fur baby, can we bring him?

Yay! I love pets! There are some places we may not be able to take them (national parks etc) so let’s chat more on this before we decide on location.

What happens if the weather-gods are against us?

We don’t need to reschedule for patchy rain (we’ll just hide in my car until it passes). But I am a sucker for the couch / cup of tea when there is a storm – so we’ll re-arrange in that case. I watch the weather closely in the week leading up to the shoot and I will let you know in advance if we need to postpone.

Help me, I can’t choose what to wear!

The most important thing is to be comfortable (no heels on the beach)! It’s also important to stay true to your own style – you want the photos to look like you. Think about how you will remember this time ten years from now, if you don’t normally wear dresses, don’t wear one for your shoot. That being said, there are a couple of easy things that you might like to consider that can raise the aesthetics of an image without needing to buy new clothes:

  • Avoid very bright colours and bold logos – they can be distracting in photographs.
  • Choose plain colours in more muted tones so they don’t clash too much with each other (e.g. pastels, neutrals, navy) and use a couple of different colours. Too much matchy matchy can look contrived.
  • Include some texture e.g. denim, linen, knits, patterns, flow.
  • Did I mention comfort? We’ll capture more natural looking photos if you’re comfortable.

I’m terrible in front of a camera, I never know what to do!

Said every client ever. It’s my job to help with that, you’ll just have to trust me.

We’ll have a good chat at the beginning of the session so you can get to know me a little better before we start and so you can be confident to be yourself. I provide you with guidance early on and whenever it helps to make the most of the situation and available light. My aim is to help you feel relaxed, stay connected with your family and actually enjoy yourself, that way you’ll barely care that I’m there and the photographs will be more authentic. And I’ll shoot a mix of documentary and lifestyle images during the session so I can capture the real moments that hold the most meaning for you and create a gallery of images that tell a story you remember. Just be yourself.

I’m worried my kids won’t be into it

It’s OK if your kids aren’t into it, we’ll make it fun and let it play out! They don’t have to smile at the camera or be on their best behaviour. They’ll just want to be kids and we’ll get great images if we roll with that. Also there is plenty of time to feed/change babies if we need it. As long as you are calm and involve them, we’ll get beautiful images you’ll treasure forever..

Do I need to bring anything?

Actually the less things you bring the better – I shoot continuously through the entire session and it’s easiest not to have your bag/phone/sunglasses etc with you in the photos. But if there’s anything meaningful that you’d love to incorporate in the shoot (a fluffy toy, a blanket, a photograph etc) then let me know and we’ll work it in.

Why do we shoot in the late afternoon?

It’s all about the light. If we shoot indoors (e.g. at home) I like to start a session in the morning hours, if we’re outside then we’ll start an hour before the sun sets. Light is the single greatest tool I have as a photographer and so I choose the time of day to optimise the quality of light we get to shoot with. I have two little boys myself (3 and 5 now) and I understand an afternoon/evening session can be harder. The reality is that kids are totally adaptable and the session is relaxed and also a bit of a novelty so they are actually fine.

How long does it take?

I allow 60-90 minutes for each session to give us all time to relax into a bit of a flow and for the moments to come more naturally for all of us. It also means we have enough time to capture a variety of images and tell more of your story.

How many photo’s do I receive?

I deliver a minimum of 70 images from each session and I like to have them delivered to you in your online gallery within two weeks of the shoot.

How do I find you on social media and will you share our photos?

I post snippets of my work to stay connected with my clients over at @felicityfoundphotography . This is a valuable tool for my little business, but if you would like to keep your photos private, please let me know, I understand your preference and am happy to do this for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit, if so, when?

No. The full balance of your session will be invoiced to you and payment is due the week before your session.

Shut up and take my money! How do we book you?

Yay! Drop me a line with your deets and I’ll send you my availability around the time you need. Once we’ve landed on a time and date I’ll send you a booking confirmation for your diary. Let’s do this!

Argh, I have so many more questions

Get in touch, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have.


I’ve kept this simple because I want it to be simple for you to have photos of your family.

My family packages all include:

  • All of your edited digital images (approx 60 images per hour) delivered in high resolution (for printing) and lower resolution (for web / social media) – within two weeks of your session. The images are delivered in a professional and aesthetic online gallery for you to share/download/print as you please.

The LEGACY – from $990

Up to 2hrs of photography (120+ images) and two different locations

plus a 30 page photobook*

The Gallery – $450

1 – 1.5hrs of photography (70+ images)

Some more things you might like…

Extended Families

Grandparents are important too! The fee for additional families in an extended family session is $100 per family.


Pricing starts from $400 for a 30 page photobook designed by me and printed/bound in Australia using professional photographic papers and inks, linen hardcover and embossed title.


Not all prints are made equal. I recommend prints from Fred Snow online (Bunbury based) or Fitzgerald Photo Imaging (Fitzgerald St, Perth) You’ll have the choice to print with archival quality papers and inks for longevity, colour accuracy and clarity. It’s worth it.


My pricing applies for newborn and family lifestyle photography sessions in the Perth area. If you have a more distant location in mind please ask me to quote for travel. I often visit Albany (my home town) so if you live on the way to, or in, Albany we might be able to line it up at no additional cost!